Not another apple juice!

New Upple® is not just another apple juice!


There’s a huge difference in the way we make Upple® and how commercial apple juice is processed, and this impacts significantly on nutritional values.

Let’s take apple juice first. To make commercial apple juice, whole apples are washed, crushed, and then filtered to extract the juice which is usually pasteurised to provide a longer shelf life out of the fridge.

Notice what’s not in the juice? Yes, the best and most nutritious parts of a fresh apple – the peel and pulp!

Guess what’s in every Upple®?

Fresh & nutritious apple peel & pulp plus juice! Made from our family’s hand-picked orchard fresh cored apples, Upple® is Australia’s first whole drinkable apple.

This means that every Upple®, unlike juice, contains nutrition from the whole apple, including fibre.

The result? Upple® is both deliciously refreshing & filling…the perfect healthy snack for lunch (& lunchboxes!), breakfast on the go, afternoon munches & post workouts. Check out our ad here!

Our family created Upple® because as much as we love fresh apples, we know busy lifestyles mean it is often a challenge to always have fresh fruit on hand. Upple® provides all the goodness of an Aussie apple, with no added sugar & no nasties.

There’s another reason why we developed Upple®. Despite our abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, neither Australian adults or kids consume enough fruit or fibre daily. Upple is the convenient, delicious, and healthy way to increase fruit and fibre daily. With the nutrition of a whole apple, Upple® can be enjoyed every day!

Go on…drink the whole apple daily!

Here are some of the top reasons why ‘an apple a day can keep the doctor away’ – if you include the peel!

  1. Good for gut health

Apples contain pectin, a type of soluble fibre that acts like a prebiotic. It specifically helps to improve the functioning of the bacteria living in our large intestine. Apples stimulate metabolism within the digestive tract and promote good bacteria in the gut. This prebiotic effect leads to improved health by maximising nutrient uptake and eliminating harmful bacteria and toxins.

  1. Weight Loss

Both the high-water content and fibre in apples increase satiety (fullness), thereby reducing appetite and overeating.

  1. Help manage and lower the risk of diabetes

Controlling blood sugar is essential for people suffering from diabetes. The polyphenols in apples have been directly linked to reducing the uptake of carbohydrates by the body. The polyphenols also lower glucose absorption in our digestive tract and stimulate the release of insulin from our pancreas, which is necessary to keep the blood sugar levels in check.

Finally, the polyphenols stimulate the insulin receptors on cells throughout our body, which speeds up the removal of sugar from our bloodstream. This process gets it to our cells for metabolism, thereby helping manage diabetes.

  1. Considered Good for the Heart health

Apples can help lower the risk of heart disease. The antioxidant quality of apples reduces the oxidation of fats, called lipid peroxidation. It also neutralizes various fats found in blood vessels that can exert dangerous pressure. The flavonoid, quercetin, can reduce inflammation in our blood vessels, while the polyphenol, epicatechin, can lower the blood pressure in the body.

The soluble fibre present in apples (pectin) helps to lower the level of cholesterol in the body, making it a strong defensive mechanism against cardiovascular diseases. One year-long research study performed on 160 post-menopausal women showed that consuming apples daily resulted in a drastic decrease in LDL (bad) cholesterol and a slight increase in HDL (good) cholesterol in just three months.

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