We combine our hand-picked cored and gently crushed fresh Aussie apples with our fresh pressed apple juice and a splash of Vitamin C.

Upple® is made from quality whole eating apples, not concentrate or lower quality juicing apples.

Although apple juice is a popular drink, the way it is made often excludes the nutrient rich parts of the whole fruit such as apple peel and pulp.

This means apple juice  lacks some of the key nutrients and satiety provided by consuming the whole apple (fruit) such as fibre, polyphenol oxidants and vitamins.

We have developed a special process using 99.9% whole cored apples so you can easily include the benefits of more whole apple goodness in your diet.

Every 130mL Upple® contains at least 2 grams of fibre but  apple juice on average, contains just .4 grams of fibre/130mL^.

^ Source: Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) Australian Food Composition Database January 2019.

Upple® is not made from concentrate or lower quality juicing apples.

We use  high quality whole apples, which are just outside retail specification because of skin imperfections only. Instead of juicing these perfectly good apples and wasting the nutrient rich peel & pulp, we developed a new process using the whole apple to make Upple®.

Our Upple® bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic (rPET) and is also recyclable.

Upple® is made from quality eating apples which just fall out of specification because of a blemish or skin imperfections. Instead of juicing these perfectly good apples and wasting nutritious peel and pulp, we created a process to which uses 99.9% whole apple and provides more fibre in every bottle. No more wasted apple goodness!

Unfortunately our busy lifestyles make it hard to always have fresh fruit on hand

Upple® is made from whole apple goodness with a minimum 2 grams of fibre per serve.