An apple a day
keeps the doctor away!

 Recent research has uncovered the apple’s nutritious secrets and proved Mum was right …an apple a day really is good for your health!

What is a whole apple?

A whole apple is made up of peel, apple flesh and juice, core, seeds & stem. We eat the best bits – the skin (peel) , flesh (crunchy bits) and juice…just like Upple®!

The CSIRO summary of research highlights  new evidence showing it’s  even more important to eat the whole apple, skin and all, to ensure you’re getting all the goodness, as most of the antioxidants, fibre and polyphenols are found close to or in the skin.

Apples provide whole body wellness – below are some top key health benefits uncovered by the CSIRO research summary

Weight loss

Eating whole apples can help control your appetite and assist with weight loss, by helping you feel fuller for longer. Studies have shown that both adults and children who eat apples regularly are more likely to have a lower BMI. It is the combined effect of dietary fibre (pectin) and polyphenols in apples that assist in weight control by decreasing appetite play a  role in weight control by decreasing appetite and improving fat metabolism.

Gut health

Research shows eating apples is associated with healthier gut bacteria. This is because apples are rich in pectin fibre – most of which is contained in the skin (peel). Pectin is natural pre-biotic and promotes healthy gut bacteria (probiotics) and helps to decrease harmful bacteria.

Heart health

 There is a strengthening body of scientific evidence that a regular apple habit is good for your heart:

    • The nutritional components of apples lower total and LDL cholesterol. While observational studies link eating more apples with a reduced risk of stroke, hypertension, and a range of heart disease risk factors.
    • Emerging research from the University of Western Australia also suggests that eating apples may improve blood pressure and elasticity of blood vessels.

Nature’s perfect snack

Research shows eating a whole apple is more effective than a glass of low fat milk at reducing morning munchies. Kids who regularly eat apples are more likely to have a lower BMI, better overall nutrition, a better diet and are less prone to obesity.